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Experience and Passion: The Perfect Tandem

So you have been thinking of doing a tandem jump for some time now. Nouvel Air would like to welcome you in the wonderful world of skydiving. Now that you are mentally prepared to jump out of a plane, be sure that you will scream, “Heavens, that was good!” when you land. Or something like that.

At Nouvel Air Skydiving, the instructors are talented, extremely skilled, and crazy about their sport!

Tens of Thousands of Jumps Under Our Belts

We have the most experienced skydivers in Canada on our team. The heads of the School include two ex-world relative work champions: Daniel Paquette and Michel Lemay. With their incredible professional and athletic background, these two freefall champions have a total of 18,500 and 17,000 jumps under their belts, respectively, the highest number of jumps in Canadian skydiving history.

Along with some of the most experienced skydivers in the country, Nouvel Air Skydiving is also lucky to have several instructors with more than 10,000 jumps. This exceptionally high skill level can only be found at Nouvel Air Skydiving.

And that’s not all! Our instructors also include the five members of the national skydiving team called Evolution—the Canadian skydiving champions who have been holding the title since 2005.
What better way to try skydiving than touching the sky with these pillars of the sport?

Safer Jumping

Everyone knows that our team’s expertise makes for a better-quality tandem jump experience. Our skilled professionals will take care of you on the ground, in the plane, during freefall and under canopy. Their only goal is to give you a pure joy-filled experience.
The thorough maintenance of our equipment is also attributable to our team’s extensive experience. With their solid understanding of the industry, Nouvel Air Skydiving’s owners put their parachutes through a thorough maintenance cycle. Each of the jumps made with one of the dropzone’s canopies is tracked through a computerized system, and experts regularly change parts of the equipment to ensure that everything is in order.

Nouvel Air Skydiving School also maintains its aircraft to the highest standards. Speaking of aircraft, did you know that the School has an airplane with a capacity of 23 passengers? That means we can send groups of 11 people up into the sky at a time. So get your friends, colleagues and relatives together and come experience a truly unique tandem experience!

On the ground, the fun doesn’t end.

Another good reason to get hooked on skydiving at Nouvel Air is our facilities. Our main building and grounds, renovated in 2011, are spacious and well-thought out. Outdoors, you will find shaded rest areas for eating, picnicking or relaxing. Next to our restaurant, you will find a viewing room for watching your freefall video in widescreen. Everything you could want for a beautiful sunny afternoon or a day off.

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Parachute Montreal and Parachutisme Nouvel Air are now reunited under the same banner of PARACHUTE MONTREAL,

with a drop zone on the South Shore in Farnham and one on the North Shore in Saint-Esprit.

Our mission stays the same: to offer you an experience as high as our 25 years of expertise.

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