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Skydiving Equipment: All About Quality and Reliability
At Nouvel Air, we don’t take the quality and reliability of our parachutes lightly.
All of our equipment is regularly maintained and goes through a rigorous maintenance cycle. These high quality maintenance standards apply to our tandem equipment as well as to our rental parachutes.
To uphold these standards, we use a computerized system that tracks the number of jumps made on each parachute. We also regularly replace parts of our equipment to ensure that they are as solid and air-worthy as can be. These preventive measures, along with the purchase of new equipment every year, enable us to always provide our clients with top-condition canopies and harnesses.
Not only do we maintain our equipment regularly, but we also use only the best products on the market. Our parachutes are provided by the most reputable manufacturers in the field. This way, our tandem passengers as well as our regular skydivers always know that they’re using the highest quality equipment. And when they’re jumping at our dropzone, they can focus on what’s most important: having fun!
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Welcome !

Parachute Montreal and Parachutisme Nouvel Air are now reunited under the same banner of PARACHUTE MONTREAL,

with a drop zone on the South Shore in Farnham and one on the North Shore in Saint-Esprit.

Our mission stays the same: to offer you an experience as high as our 25 years of expertise.

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