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Team Evolution

Canadian 4-way team Evolution

It has been a very busy 2014 so far for our Canadian National skydiving team Evolution as they completed over 650 training jumps. In their preparation for the 2014 World Championships (August 24-30 in Prostejov, Czech Republic), they spend the winter in southern USA in favorable weather to pursue their journey to the World Championships’ podiums. As they did in 2012, Evolution will be competing in 2 disciplines; 4way Formation Skydiving (4way FS) and 4way Vertical Formation Skydiving (4way VFS). And once again, they will be the only team in the world which performs to world-level standards. They shoot for nothing less than 2 podiums, and shooting for the most rewarding medal available!

Since 2006, Evolution progresses at a fast pace and forces top teams to watch their backs. They finished 4th at the most recent World Championships in December 2012. So far, 2014 looks very promising!

Evolution members are full-time jumpers here at Parachutisme Nouvel Air. They are certified tandem instructors, cameramen and PFF instructor. They will be happy to share their passion right from the get go and help you pursue your goals in skydiving.

To contact our Canadian National team Evolution, send an email to or drop by and come jump with them.

Thank you for your continuous support

Team Evolution members

Benoit Lemay

Benoit Lemay

Position VR4: Tail

Number of jumps: 4500
First jump in: 1995
With Evolution since: 2006

Vincent Lemay

Vincent Lemay

Position VR4: Outside center

Number of jumps: 7 000
First jump in: 1992
With Evolution since: 2004

Katie Wood

Katie Woods

Position: Point

Number of jumps: 6 000
First jump in: 2002
With Evolution since: 2012


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