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Nouvel Air on Vacation

Nouvel Air Skydiving in Florida

In need of a well-deserved vacation? Feel like having an unforgettable experience in paradise? Join us on one of our winter coaching and training camps in Florida! Fun, adrenaline, sun and palm trees impatiently await you.

What can I expect?

Take advantage of the turbo prop airplanes to maximize your freefall time and benefit from a direct and private contact with your instructors while enjoying Florida’s ideal climate!
Training camps are organized at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, twice a year, in November and again in March or April.
On the menu: the very same and excellent coaching and training programs which you can find at Nouvel Air Skydiving during the summer season.
On site: free camping grounds, affordable rental trailers (advance-reservation required), washrooms and hot showers, washer/dryer and snack-bar. Nearby hotels are also a good lodging option.
To get there: by air (Orlando Int’l – MCO or Tampa Int’l – TPA) or by car (24-hour average driving time, with carpooling possibilities).

Coaching and training programs

The P.F.F. program (Solo certification) includes ground school training, wind tunnel freefall initiation at SkyVenture, and all skydives required for the granting of your Solo skydiving license issued by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.
Find out more about the PFF training program …

The R.W. endorsement program (A license) is a 3- to 4-day course, during which a qualified Relative Work instructor takes you from theory to practice. Once you’ve completed the 10 jumps included in this program and met the other pre-requisites, you can safely join forces with another novice skydiver and practice your newly acquired RW skills.


Frequent questions and answers about Nouvel Air in Florida

What are my options if I elect to travel by air?

The Tampa Int’l airport (TPA) remains the best option since it’s situated roughly 45 minutes away from Zephyrhills. The Orlando Int’l airport (MCO) is another good option and is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes away. Many transporters (including Air Transat and Air Canada) operate a number of direct-flights to Orlando from Montreal. Several possibilities also exist for departures from the Unites States (Plattsburgh, NY or Burlington, VT). A shuttle between the airport and Skydive City can also be arranged in advance by contacting Skydive City directly.

What if I prefer to travel by car?

It will take more or less 24 hours to get there, and we generally try to organize a convoy of a few vehicles to make the drive a little easier. As for carpooling options, we can put you in touch with the right people.

How much time do I need to complete my training over there?

4 days for each program is the rule of thumb. This can change depending on individual candidates’ learning styles and, needless to say, we’re also at the mercy of the weather conditions just like at home. Your planning should take this important factor into account and you should set aside some extra time in case bad weather comes along during your trip.

Where are the camping grounds situated and how does it work?

Camping is entirely free and located directly on the dropzone; only a few seconds walk away from all the on-site amenities! Just bring your gear and set it up. Or, if you prefer to go out and get some camping gear once you’re there, there’s a Wal-Mart store in Zephyrhills only a few minutes away by car.

Do I need travel insurance?

ABSOLUTELY. Your travel-insurance policy must include coverage for skydiving. Provincial and national health insurance plans offer only limited coverage in case of injury and/or hospitalization when abroad. Be sure to consult with your insurance or travel agent well before you leave – since you cannot enroll in or activate a travel insurance policy once you’ve already left the country.

Can I book my trip with you at the last minute?

Unfortunately not, for a number of reasons. First, availabilities are limited based on the amount of already-confirmed candidates versus the amount of instructors and coaches that will be available on site. The earlier you book, the better your chances at getting the dates of your choice. Also, you’ll need to activate your Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (C.S.P.A.) membership before you leave, and this can take up to a few days to get processed. As a C.S.P.A. member, you benefit, among other things, from liability-insurance while practicing skydiving. Not to be mistaken with emergency medical or travel-insurance, which are not included in the C.S.P.A. insurance coverage (see previous question).

Can I learn to pack my own parachute?

Those taking part in our RW coaching program (A license) will receive packing lessons, which are a pre-requisite for obtaining the license. This will be provided for free; a $60.00 savings.

Are classroom training sessions and written exams also conducted over there?

Yes. Ground school training which precedes the P.F.F. program (Solo license) is part of the package and delivered on site by a qualified instructor. The theory and exam preparation segments for the RW coaching program (A license) are also conducted on site. This represents another $40.00 in savings.

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