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Everything about Nouvel Air

Who are we?

Daniel Paquette
Daniel Paquette
Michel Lemay
Michel Lemay
Mario Prévost
Mario Prévost

A Dropzone That’s Unique in Quebec

For over twenty years, Nouvel Air Skydiving has given laypeople the chance to try outone of the most exhilarating activities in the world: freefall. With the most qualified skydivers in Canada on our team, we stand out from the crowd because of our instructors’ know-how and our emphasis on innovation and training.

The Story of Four Exceptional Skydivers

Nouvel Air Skydiving opened for business in 1990. Three men with an uncommon passion for skydiving are the brains behind the venture: Michel Lemay, Daniel Paquette and René Pressé. By opening their own dropzone, these three entrepreneurs made their long-standing dream a reality: they turned their passion into a profession.

Their passion developed at the beginning of the 80s, when a new athletic discipline appeared in the world of skydiving: relative work. Michel and René, fascinated by the sport and by aviation in general, quickly finished their private and commercial pilot’s licenses. In the meantime, Daniel concentrated on competing.

A number of years later, after winning the Canadian relative work championships, Michel and Daniel became full-fledged members of the Canadian national team. The hopes vested in these athletes—who were now sponsored by Sport Canada—were not in vain: they won the World Cup twice, in 1983 and 1984. After these achievements, the two men retired from active competition and participated in the shooting of several skydiving movies directed by American filmmaker Norman Kent.

Only three years after opening Nouvel Air Skydiving, Michel, Daniel and René had succeeded against all odds in turning their school into the largest dropzone in Canada.

In 2003, Mario Prévost joined the team, partnering with Michel and Daniel. Mario, who is Master Course Facilitator for the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), brings a significant contribution to the team by facilitating courses for all levels of coaches and instructors. His presence on the team helps support Nouvel Air Skydiving’s role as national leader.

Today, Nouvel Air Skydiving is composed of three visionary owners, highly qualified instructors and hundreds of regular jumpers. Every summer, the dropzone makes it possible for thousands of people to make their first tandem jump, and regular jumpers make more than 15,000 skydives per year.

Always Innovating

Nouvel Air Skydiving specializes in pioneering the field and continuing to offer the best products and services to its clients.

As such, a number of years ago, we were one of the first dropzones in Canada to offer tandem jumps. And since we also train the country’s most experienced instructors, our company has definitely helped change the face of skydiving in Canada.

Recently, we decided to modernize the dropzone facilities and rethink the layout of our buildings and outdoor spaces to accommodate an ever-growing demand. The result: a bigger parking lot, a welcoming, more functional front desk, a more spacious change room, better-equipped classrooms and more.

It’s not over yet! In 2012, there are winds of change blowing through Nouvel Air Skydiving School’s windsocks. All of the members of our national team, Evolution, are in Farnham not only to train for the world championships, but also to share their experience with all of Nouvel Air’s clients. Just like a big, happy family, Daniel Paquette, Michel Lemay and his three sons, Benoit, Vincent and Martin, have reunited to contribute to the development of Nouvel Air Skydiving. This reunion, along with the company’s innovative vision, means that there’s an attractive future in store for this exceptional skydiving school.


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Parachute Montreal and Parachutisme Nouvel Air are now reunited under the same banner of PARACHUTE MONTREAL,

with a drop zone on the South Shore in Farnham and one on the North Shore in Saint-Esprit.

Our mission stays the same: to offer you an experience as high as our 25 years of expertise.

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