Achetez un Certificats-cadeaux

Training and skydiver certification

How to become a licensed skydiver

Now that you’ve experienced freefall and its liberating feeling, don’t you want more? Your tandem skydive was only the beginning – the sky wants you back! Maybe it’s time you get your solo skydiver license

3 to 4 days is all it takes to complete the P.F.F. program from start to finish at Nouvel Air Skydiving. Starting from your very first jumpyou’ll be supervised in freefall by a senior instructor before you get to fly the canopy all by yourself.

The P.F.F. training program

Our excellent solo skydiving certification program consists of:

  • Ground school initial training (4 hours)
  • 14 minutes of flight time at the SkyVenture Montreal wind tunnel (learning of basic freefall maneuvers and techniques)
  • 1 freefall skydive with 2 instructors
  • 4 freefall skydives with 1 instructor
  • 3 solo freefall skydives (at 13,500 feet altitude)
  • 1 solo freefall skydive (at 5,000 feet altitude)
  • Our skydiver training manual
  • Your personal skydiver logbook
  • Your own pair of freefall goggles

All of the above for $1560.34 plus tax.

Note: Canadian Sport Parachuting Association fees are extra. A total of $139 for your C.S.P.A. membership and Solo license processing must be paid separately.

And the adventure continues …

Once you’ve completed the P.F.F. program and obtained your solo skydiving license,enjoy the many wonderful possibilities of our sport. Explore new jump techniques, discover different disciplines, learn to jump with others in freefall, fine tune your flying techniques inside the wind tunnel, and the list goes on… Let your imagination decide for you!

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