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Wind tunnel coaching

Learning to fly in freefall

It’s easier than ever to rapidly enhance your flying skills, now that we have our very own SkyVenture freefall simulator right at our doorstep in Montreal. And it happens to be the very first 14-foot-diameter round wind tunnel with recirculated air in North America!

Our P.F.F. training program now includes a wind tunnel segment, helping you get familiar with the basic freefall maneuvers. We also offer a wide array of coaching and advanced training programs which can be tailored to your exact needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us using the e-mail link provided at below for more information.
Indoor flight at SkyVenture Montreal

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Parachute Montreal and Parachutisme Nouvel Air are now reunited under the same banner of PARACHUTE MONTREAL,

with a drop zone on the South Shore in Farnham and one on the North Shore in Saint-Esprit.

Our mission stays the same: to offer you an experience as high as our 25 years of expertise.

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